Safety for New Drivers : 3 Tips To Improve Driving Safety

Safe Driving in the Rain

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If you have recently acquired driver’s a license, there’s a good chance that you are getting caught up in all of the excitement and potential of being able to drive. Indeed, having your own license offers you a sort of freedom you’ve never known before, and it’s easy to get carried away thinking that now that you have a license, you can drive anywhere, and any way, that you please. However, while the independence is real, you also need to remember that it is important to be a safe and responsible driver. There are a number of steps you can take as a new driver to help get yourself off on the right track. Here are a few simple suggestions.

Additional Driving Lessons

To begin with, consider additional driving lessons after you have obtained your license. The driving license itself certifies that you have met the necessary skill and knowledge requirements to drive on your own however the driving test or perhaps even your initial driving lessons may not prepare you for every real life situation. So, while this is not to suggest that all people with licenses are ill equipped to drive, there is no harm in taking some additional driving lessons to improve any weaknesses or driving confidence issues you may have. Many driving schools offer advanced or additional driving lessons which cover topics like night or motorway driving. Some of these additional driving courses such as the Pass Plus could even help to reduce your insurance premium. In summary, additional driving lessons can help to make you a more capable and safer driver.

Choose the right Vehicle

Next, you should consider the vehicle you will be driving in and the potential financial or safety-related restrictions that are associated with driving it. New drivers often find that car insurance premiums are very expensive and can vary dramatically in price depending on what make or model of car you buy. Whilst many people research about how much the car will cost to run (e.g. tax, fuel efficiency insurance) it is also important to consider the reliability and safety features the car such as collision protection, airbags and safety rating. You can get information about car insurance from companies such as Aviva. A full car insurance package is often preferred and can end up saving you a great deal of money and hassle in the event that you find yourself in an accident.

Remember the Driving Lesson Basics

Finally, the most important advice for new drivers is to remember the basic rules and practices you learned in your driving lessons. Some people develop bad driving habits after the pass their driving test such as speeding over the speed limit, driving with only one hand and talking or texting on the phone as you drive. These are things that many people do once they get ‘comfortable’ behind the wheel however, they can all be very dangerous as you are not in full control of your car. It is very important that once you have your license you obtain a comfort level with the road, other drivers and become confident in your own abilities.

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