Three ways a driving license can help you get a job


Driving licence card by edwaado on flickr

For most young people, getting a driving license is a rite of passage. Not only is it a sign that you are a grownup who is mature enough to take control of your future, but it gives you independence and the freedom to move around and come and go as you please. It is for similar reasons that holding a full, clean driving license can also help you get a job.

When competition for jobs is so tight, anything that can give you an edge and make you stand out from the next applicant is highly valuable. Furthermore, whatever kind of job you’re looking for – from jobs that require driving everyday to those that don’t necessitate having your own wheels – possessing a driving license is still favorable. However, there are jobs where having a driving license and even your own car can make or break the deal. Construction job usually require a full driving license so you can easily get yourself to jobs and help move materials. Others, such as delivery jobs are only attainable with a driving license. If you’re looking for construction jobs UK wide then check out the website for a huge range of available positions.

But a driving license can also be a major enabling factor in getting jobs in management positions and roles that require mature minds that can function independently. Here are three ways a driving license can help you get a job.

Driving Decision making

We don’t really think about it whilst we are behind the wheel but driving actually requires constant decision making: should you take route A or B? Is it now safe to overtake? Should I change up a gear now? These are all things your brain is asking itself and instantly responds to. The ability to make quick, safe and correct decisions under pressure is highly valued in the work place and this is something we do as drivers all the time.

Driving Independence

A driver’s license requires you to think and act independently of others. If there is no one else there in the car with you, you need to react and take control of the situation independently. Working independently is another important characteristic sought out by employers.

Driving Maturity

In the wrong hands a car can be a deadly weapon, but in the right, mature hands it can facilitate all kinds of tasks and make life a lot easier. Having a level of maturity – represented by a clean driving license – shows employers you can deal with various scenarios in a mature, reasoned manner, which is one of the most important traits recruiters look for.

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