Driver safety checks (Inside the car)

Once you are satisfied with the safety outside your car you can get inside the car and set your driving position.

Adjust your seat

Setting your driving position is very important, you must be able to touch the pedals and press them to the floor without stretching. Set your seat by adjusting the slider (usually underneath the seat) so you can comfortably reach the pedals.

Set the stearing wheel

In most cars you can adjust the height of the searing wheel. Move the stearing wheel into a suitable and comfortable position.

Driving Position

When setting your driving position you should make sure you are comfortable, you have clear visibility of the road (front, sides and back), you can easily push all of the pedals and move the steering wheel. You may also need to adjust the mirrors in the car so you can use them effectively. If you are in doubt about your driving position or mirrors, check with your driving instructor or a more experienced driver.

From inside the car you can also check that your windows work, that all the doors shut correctly, that the seatbelts work and that you have enough petrol in the tank for your journey.

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