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About Fast pass driving courses

FastPass driving lessons in Liverpool provide you with the service you require. We can offer intensive driving courses to suit your needs. You can take your driving lessons when it suits you; evenings, daytimes, weekends. You can take your lessons in blocks of your choice, take 6 hours in 1 day or just a couple of hours a week, it is your choice. Your course can be spread over as short or as long a period as you wish. We can also book your theory (if needed) and practical tests for you.

Driving Lessons and Extras

All our fast pass courses are taken by experienced instructors who specialise in teaching people to pass their driving test quickly. Unlike lots of other companies who provide intensive courses FastPass will book your test at the test centre where you have been taking your lessons so you will know the routes and have a much greater chance of passing. We are so confident that our tuition will enable you to pass first time that we will pay for your second test if you fail, that's how confident we are!

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