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Telephone : 07584160814

Driving Lesson Price : £21.00

My Car : 2014 ford fiesta 1.5,style

About Keane2drive

Independent driving school ,established in 2004,operating in the ub and ha postcode areas.keane2drive work to a simple principle.teach in a relaxed and constructive manor,enable the pupil to achieve a safe driving standard as quickly as possible

Driving Lessons and Extras

Keane2drive offers driving lessons for all drivers from novice to international drivers.once you have passed your test we also offer refresher lessons,pass plus,motorway training winter driving and advanced driving skills .

Offering Driving Lessons in;

Greater-London Ub10,UB9,UB8,UB7,UB4,UB3,HA2,HA4,HA5,HA6

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