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Telephone : 07909972653

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Driving Lesson Price : £21.00

My Car : Nissan Micra

About Drive With Dan

My name is Dan Borras (A.D.I.) and I own and run DRIVE WITH DAN. I am a fully qualified (A.D.I.) Approved Driving Instructor. This means I meet the requirements set out by the Driving Standards Agency to teach to their standards and can legally charge for this service. Living and working in Southampton for all of my life I know the area well and have years of experience of driving on its roads. Learning to drive should be fun so I teach in relaxed environment. If you have any worries, fears or bad experiences from previous instruction then please tell me and I can help.

Driving Lessons and Extras

1 hour lessons 1.5 hour lessons 2 hour lessons Block booking of lessons Pass Plus Early & Late lessons Refresher Lessons

Offering Driving Lessons in;

Southampton Driving Lessons in Southampton and Totton also covering Calmore, Ashurst, Lyndhurst, Marchwood, Romsey, Millbrook, Lordshill, Shirley.

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