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My Car : SEAT Ibiza


Hi, I'm Peter Blight (the only instructor I know in the Folkestone area with a DSA 12 month Verified Pass Rate of over 72%) and I've been teaching in Folkestone for ten years or so. If you live in the Folkestone area you may have seen my shiny red car - or you may know someone that has learnt with me. And you now know I have one of the best pass rates around. A good start for anyone! Driving today is no longer an option. You're going to need this essential life skill to impress your future employers or to take that special job that you can't get a train or a bus to. It's also gonna make your life a lot simpler and getting to concerts and festivals a whole lot easier... And if you're going to learn you might as well learn with someone with a great reputation and excellent pupil recommends. So that'll be me!

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Talking about myself will only give you half the story so, when you get the chance, you'll need to read through the many glowing testimonials and recommends that my pupils have written on my website. If that doesn't convince you then it'll be good to remind you that my DSA Verified Pass Rate for 2011/2012 was 72.2% - and that's against an average 45% pass rate for the Folkestone test centre! How many instructors can back up that claim with the DSA Verification? Don't worry about the 'grades' that are given out every four years or so (like any hour observation they can go well or not - it doesn't really matter) but definitely ask to see the current DSA Verified Pass Rate of any potential driving instructor you might be interested in. With me, nothing is held back and I let my pupils do the talking for me :)

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