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Telephone : 07951047894

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Driving Lesson Price : £18.00

My Car : Ford Fiesta Zetec

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Chris Chambers School of Motoring are able to provide the knowledge, expertise, experience and environment in which to assist you in achieving your personal driving success. The decision to undertake a course of driving lessons can prove to be a daunting prospect for most people, therefore it's important to find the ideal Instructor for you. Factors such as trust, rapport and enjoyment of your lessons can all play a major part in both the number of lessons required along with your overall success. . . For more information, please visit my official web presence at: and simply call 07951 047 894, or text 'DRIVE' along with your name, to the same number to request a call back - you won't be disappointed! Don't hesitate - It could be the most productive call you'll make all week!

Driving Lessons and Extras

- New Driver/ Partly Trained Driver courses (*Manual transmission vehicles only). - Pass Plus. - Confidence sessions. - Refresher sessions. - Mock Test assessment. - Motorway tuition (*Full licence holders only). - Driving Test Rescue. - Theory & HPT support. - Night Time Driving. - Adverse Weather Driving. - Eco-Safe Driving

Offering Driving Lessons in;

SunderlandWashingtonBoldonHoughton-le-spring SR1 | SR2 | SR3 | SR4 | SR5 | SR6 | DH4 | DH5 | NE36 | NE37 | NE38

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