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Telephone : 07752577466

Website : www.dansintuition.co.uk

Driving Lesson Price : £20.00


About Dans Intuition

Driving instructor with 30 years in the driving business with a good knowledge of the area,patience relaxed driving to test standard and beyond.

Driving Lessons and Extras

Driving lessons available. 7 days a week day and . night. pass plus available.. Prices start @ã15 an hour. ã20 standard rate 5hrsã85. 10hrsã170,20hrsã320.

Offering Driving Lessons in;

GosportFarehamWhiteleyTitchfieldPaulsgroveLocksheath PO6,PO12,PO13,PO14,PO15,PO16,PO17,PO31

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