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Telephone : 07980181343

Website : www.drivingclass.co.uk

Driving Lesson Price : £16.00

My Car : Corsa

About Driving Class

I am independent and so have no massive overheads like an office or logos flashed all over the car. The savings are passed directly onto you through cheaper lessons. . . I do not sacrifice quality - you will see I do a thorough job from start to finish.. . My job is to teach you to "safe drive for life" and you will appreciate this.. . I can offer lessons as low as ã32.00 for a four hour beginners course, ã30.00 for a two hour regular lesson and as low as ã10.95 per hour for long term block bookings.. . I have a course to suit all.. . Visit my website, shop around but I know you will be back - I have some special autumn deals at this time.. . www.drivingclass.co.uk

Driving Lessons and Extras

I work the hours of 5am to midnight for more flexibility.

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