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Telephone : 01473621859

Driving Lesson Price : £22.00

My Car : vauxhall corsa

About Hemsley's

I am a fully qulified A.D.I Working independently in the Ipswich Colchester and surrounding area. I offer full Driving Tuition,covering all aspects of Theory,and Practical Tests. Teaching from complet beginers to full licence holders. Be asshured that at the end of your course you will have a good understanding of the rules of driving a car to a high standard,responsibly and safely.

Driving Lessons and Extras

2 hour block lessons.. 5 hours ã75.00 for beginners. Drivers coming off from disqualification..

Offering Driving Lessons in;

IpswichColchesterWoodbridgeClacton CO All postcodes.. IP All postcodes.

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