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Driving Lesson Price : £23.00

My Car : 2011 Ford Focus

About Driver & Rider Training

At driver and Rider Training Leicester, we strongly believe that the knowledge and skills we acquire during the learning phase remain with us for life and that these skills greatly depend on the quality and structure of lessons we receive during our training period. Therefore, it is essential to find the best driving instructor in the area. At Driver and Rider Training Leicester we pride ourselves on the fact we only use fully qualified driving and riding instructors and that all instructors have passed both the IAM and ROSPA tests (Institute of Advanced Motorists, Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). We tailor all lesson plans to each individual so regardless of your driving or riding experience, work / family commitments we feel we can arrange a training schedule that will be both achievable and affordable to everyone.

Driving Lessons and Extras

We offer training in the following: . Car: Learner lessons, PassPlus, Advanced, Instructor training, fleet.. . Bike: Back to Biking, road craft, advanced, fleet.

Offering Driving Lessons in;

LeicesterMarket-HarboroughOadbyHinckley LE1,LE2,LE3,LE4,LE5,LE8,LE9,LE10,LE16,LE17,LE18,LE19, LE21,LE41,

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