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Telephone : 07795285065

Website : www.whatthel.biz

Driving Lesson Price : £6.99

My Car : bravo,corsa,fiesta

About What The L Driving School

We provide high quality driving lessons and driving instructor training at competitive prices in and around Stoke-On-Trent.. . Here at 'What the L' we have 15 years combined experience in driver training and are grade 5 and 6 driving instructors, offering a high standard of driving instruction and an enviable high pass rate.. . Using our driving knowledge we know that driving lessons should be enjoyable and a place where you feel comfortable. We try and create a relaxed driving lesson environment so that drivers can build confidence quickly behind the wheel. We can also offer instructors who speak in Urdu, Punjabi and Turkish for those of you who may not be so fluent in English. With our 15 years experience we know how to incorporate the surrounding areas of Stoke on Trent to keep driving lessons interesting and enjoyable.. . . .

Driving Lessons and Extras

We offer singular lessons, crash/intensive courses, block bookings, refresher courses, Pass plus and for those who are thinking of becoming driving instructors themselves, instructor training courses available..

Offering Driving Lessons in;

Stoke-On-TrentCongletonCreweNewcastleCheshireMacclefield st1, st2, st3, st4, st5, st6,st7, st8, st9, st10,st11, st12, cw

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