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Driving Lesson Price : £15.00

My Car : Ford Fiesta

About Gr8drive

GR8Drive is a well established block booking Driving School based in Harrow, Middlesex. We are just a few minutes drive from Pinner Driving Test Centre and not far from Watford Driving Test Centre too!. We find being so well situated in between test centres we are able to give our pupils extensive knowledge of test routes used by local examiners. . . We specialise in high pass rates and very low costs. Our driving courses start from just ã9.90 per hour with our amazing 10 driving lessons for ã99 for total beginners. . . For pupils who have some experience and may be practising in their own car or need a refresher course we offer 10 driving lessons for an outstanding ã150 (this course is also ideal for international driving licence holders and can be used as a beginner course). . . GR8Drive is located just a few minutes drive from Pinner Driving Test Centre in Harrow and because Harrow is so closely located to Pinner Driving Test Centre the area is a popular town for learner drivers to practice driving. . . Whether you are a complete novice getting behind the steering wheel for the very first time in Harrow, or a more experienced learner who has already had a number of lessons, even if you have a full licence but want to top up on your skills and confidence, GR8Drive could be the Driving School you're looking for in the Harrow HA1 area. . . As an independent Driving School in Harrow HA1 we can provide high quality training at very affordable prices with lessons tailored to the individual pupil so you can be taught at the best pace to suit you in the Harrow HA1 area. We teach in a calm and patient manner which puts even the most nervous pupils at ease very quickly in Harrow.. . In addition to the standard lessons in Harrow, we also offer hazard perception and theory test help and advice, Pass Plus, Refresher and Motorway lessons and block booking discounts in Harrow.

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We offer Pass Plus,Advanced Driving Courses,Intensive Courses,Night Driving,Motorway Lessons,Cheap Driving Lessons

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WatfordHarrowStanmoreUxbridgePinnerRuislip HA0,HA1,HA2,HA3,HA4,HA5,HA6,HA7,HA8,HA9,UB1,UB2,UB3,UB4,UB5,UB6,UB7,UB8,UB9,UB10,WD1,WD2,WD3,WD4,WD5,WD6,WD7,WD8,WD9,WD10,WD11,WD12,WD13,WD14,WD15,WD16,WD17,WD18,WD19,WD20,WD21,WD22,WD23,AL1,AL2,NW1,NW2,NW3

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