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Are you looking for the best UK driving schools in your area? You can use our site to get cheap driving lessons deals and compare driving instructors to help you pass the DSA driving test. Instructors can advertise their driving schools in the areas they cover so pupils can easily find driving lessons suited to their needs aswell as picking up free theory and practical driving test tips.

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My Driving Lessons in Peterborough Driving Schools

My driving Lessons instructors can offer a wide range of driving courses including intensive and crash courses, manual and automatic driving lessons, Pass Plus, etc, learning to drive and other advanced driving methods.

Drive Positive Driving School in Doncaster Driving Schools

Drive Positive are a fun, independent and reputable driving school based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. The team offer driving lessons for beginners right through to experienced drivers. Male and female driving instructors make learning to drive in Doncaster fun, effective.. . Get geared up for passing safely and learning best practises for the road.. . Lessons costs are very competitive alongside good pass rates.

Streetwise Learners in Loughton Driving Schools

Established for 15 years.. Great lesson deals.. Modern dual controlled car.. Progress card..

Driving Test Guides

Three ways a driving license can help you get a job
[caption id="attachment_58" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Driving licence card by edwaado on flickr"][/caption] For most young people, getting a driving license is a rite of passage. Not only is it a sign that you are a grownup who is mature enough to take control of your future, but it gives you independence and the freedom to move around and come and go as you ...[MORE]
Practice Driving in your own car
Private practicing can be a great way for learner drivers to gain essential experience. It allows you to practice in your own time with another qualified driver and build upon the knowledge you are getting from your driving instructor (ADI). Like with any other skill the more practice you get the better you will be but its important to remember that private practice is not a substitute for professionally instructed driving lessons. If you feel comfortable, you can practice things you have learnt in your driving lessons but if you're in doubt ask your ADI (driving instructor) what you c...[MORE]
Driver safety checks (Inside the car)
Once you are satisfied with the safety outside your car you can get inside the car and set your driving position. Adjust your seat Setting your driving position is very important, you must be able to touch the pedals and press them to the floor without stretching. Set your seat by adjusting the slider (usually underneath the seat) so you can comfortably reach the pedals. Set the stearing wheel In most cars you can adjust the height of the searing wheel. Move the stearing wheel into a suitable and comfortable position. Driving Position ...[MORE]