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Are you looking for the best UK driving schools in your area? You can use our site to get cheap driving lessons deals and compare driving instructors to help you pass the DSA driving test. Instructors can advertise their driving schools in the areas they cover so pupils can easily find driving lessons suited to their needs aswell as picking up free theory and practical driving test tips.

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Safe2go Driving School in Bishop-auckland Driving Schools

Affordable driving lessons form an established and experienced company with the aim to help you learn as safely, quickly and enjoyably as possible. Structured teaching system that stays the same but will be adapted to suit the student’s ability and personality. All Instructors conduct lessons in a calm relaxed manner which is especially suited to those who are nervous or have anxieties about learning to drive. Special provisions available for those with dyslexia and dyspraxia inclusive of advise and support on special conditions available for theory tests. From booking to passing we are with you all steps of the way..

Old Skool Automatic Driving School in Hendon Driving Schools

Hi we are a well established driving school since 2003 and we cater for a series of packages,including late last minute tests bookings,night time driving,motorway driving,refresher courses and our most popular the 2 week intensive courses,packages tailored to your needs....

Gp Driving School Sale in Manchester Driving Schools

GP Driving School Sale and Altrincham. . Welcome, Guy Pennington Driving School offers a wide range of quality driving lessons in Sale, Altrincham and the surrounding areas.. . We aim to provide a efficient and effective service all at highly competitive prices. We promise to ensure all lessons are conducted in a professional manner and that all our instructors deliver their lessons with a friendly and patient approach. . Our driving instructors are all well trained and assessed by the DSA. Many have several years experience, not only in teaching learners to successfully pass the driving test but also in teaching qualified drivers to become ADI's

Driving Test Guides

Driver safety checks (Inside the car)
Once you are satisfied with the safety outside your car you can get inside the car and set your driving position. Adjust your seat Setting your driving position is very important, you must be able to touch the pedals and press them to the floor without stretching. Set your seat by adjusting the slider (usually underneath the seat) so you can comfortably reach the pedals. Set the stearing wheel In most cars you can adjust the height of the searing wheel. Move the stearing wheel into a suitable and comfortable position. Driving Position ...[MORE]
Driver safety checks (Outside the car)
Safety is the number one priority when learning to drive and before you drive any car you should ask yourself, is this vehicle safe? As an introduction you should familiarise yourself with some basic safety checks, doing this will also help you become more familiar with your car and what to look out for. Where to start? Any car you drive should be fully legal which includes having road tax, a valid MOT certificate and you should be insured to drive it. Most of the basic safety checks you can do are visual checks which involve checking your cars systems are topped up and in ...[MORE]
Safety for New Drivers : 3 Tips To Improve Driving Safety
[caption id="attachment_84" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="(Flickr: woodleywonderworks)"][/caption] If you have recently acquired driverís a license, thereís a good chance that you are getting caught up in all of the excitement and potential of being able to drive. Indeed, having your own license offers you a sort of freedom youíve never known before, ...[MORE]

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