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Are you looking for the best UK driving schools in your area? You can use our site to get cheap driving lessons deals and compare driving instructors to help you pass the DSA driving test. Instructors can advertise their driving schools in the areas they cover so pupils can easily find driving lessons suited to their needs aswell as picking up free theory and practical driving test tips.

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Luvin It in Blackburn Driving Schools

I am a GRADE A instructor with a friendly personality and a lot of patience, I aim to pass all pupils first time and my pass rate is fantastic, i am currently working with Sams angels where you can see our facebook page and website.. IF YOU CONTACT THE NUMBER 07864883667 YOU WILL GET A DISCOUNT

Bti Driving in Ipswich Driving Schools

Barry Martin has been teaching people to drive since 2003.. . At the moment he uses the Mercedes A-Class for driving lessons. The higher than usual drivers seat gives excellent visibility while driving, along with a more comfortable driving position. The controls are easy to reach, gear changes are smooth and accurate steering gives a smooth ride.

New Wave Driving School in Manchester Driving Schools

New Wave Driving School affordable with a 0% Interest finance option, it also has some of London’s highest pass rates.

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Practice Driving in your own car
Private practicing can be a great way for learner drivers to gain essential experience. It allows you to practice in your own time with another qualified driver and build upon the knowledge you are getting from your driving instructor (ADI). Like with any other skill the more practice you get the better you will be but its important to remember that private practice is not a substitute for professionally instructed driving lessons. If you feel comfortable, you can practice things you have learnt in your driving lessons but if you're in doubt ask your ADI (driving instructor) what you c...[MORE]
Driver safety checks (Outside the car)
Safety is the number one priority when learning to drive and before you drive any car you should ask yourself, is this vehicle safe? As an introduction you should familiarise yourself with some basic safety checks, doing this will also help you become more familiar with your car and what to look out for. Where to start? Any car you drive should be fully legal which includes having road tax, a valid MOT certificate and you should be insured to drive it. Most of the basic safety checks you can do are visual checks which involve checking your cars systems are topped up and in ...[MORE]
Safety for New Drivers : 3 Tips To Improve Driving Safety
[caption id="attachment_84" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="(Flickr: woodleywonderworks)"][/caption] If you have recently acquired driverís a license, thereís a good chance that you are getting caught up in all of the excitement and potential of being able to drive. Indeed, having your own license offers you a sort of freedom youíve never known before, ...[MORE]